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Business Info

Business Info


What is a CDAP Grant?

The CDAP Grant is a program that provides financial assistance to small businesses in Nova Scotia. The grant is designed to help businesses grow and succeed by providing funding for website development, marketing, and other business-related expenses.

Is my business Eligible?

What is a PD7A Form?

Why do we need your Business Registration Certificate?

Why do we need your Business Registration Certificate?

  • Apply
  • Verify
  • Interview
  • Payment

Please submit the documents and the information to us through the submission form above.

Once we receive all the information we need and verify them, we will start processing your application.
This will take around a week, until the next step.

Next step will be an interview with an advisor to specify the usage of the fund. This interview will take 5-10 minutes.

Once all the interview is over, it will take around 4-6 more weeks until everything gets processed and you will have the money deposited into the bank account in the provided Direct Deposit form!